Mw. Donate (Donna) Philbert-Nieveld, MSc/CPC/BAP

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Curriculum Vitae van Mw. Donate Philbert-Nieveld, MSc/CPC/BAP

Donate Beatrix Philbert – Nieveld, MSc/CPC

  1. First Names : Donate (Donna) Beatrix

  2. Last Names : Philbert – Nieveld, MSc/CPC/BAP

  3. Date of birth : October 20th, 1958

  4. Nationality : Dutch

  5. Civil status : Married

  6. Mother : 1 son


7. Address : Kaya Garapa 47, Bario Juan Hato

Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles

Phone / Fax: (+599-9) 868-5758

Mobile: (+599-9) 513-6137, (+599-9) 687-6430

E-mail: donate.philbert@gmail.com & donate.philbert@gobiernu.cw


Key Qualifications

2018;Project coordination of a micro business and micro lending project in close cooperation with Korpodeko entering 19 neighborhoods in Curaçao in the project Mikrofiansa

Organizational Change Management with special qualifications in the Government and Public Sector, Human Resources, Management, Labor Force Development [Facilitator processes] Future World of Work

Experience in Staff and line management [23 years]

Skilled in the planning and organization of Workshops and Conferences

Skilled in formulation and presentation

Fluency in Dutch, English, Papiamentu, Spanish & Sranang Tongo


Academic Qualification

2008 Post Graduate Good Governance Executive Commissioner skills Certificate, University of the Netherlands Antilles

2005 Master of Science degree in Accounting majoring in Public Controller, University of the Netherlands Antilles

2001 Bachelor of Science degree in Public Controller Netherlands Antilles Governments, University of the Netherlands Antilles

1991 Communication, Journalism and Public Relations

1979 -1981 HBO Higher Education in Utrecht Netherlands Speech & Hearing Professional (Logopedist/ Akoepedist)

1973 – 1979 Peter Stuyvesant Highschool College (HAVO)


2007 – 2008

By decree of the Insular Government given the task of Facilitator of the process to get to a labor force development plan with all sectors in the community of Curacao and with a Tri partite body of Government, Labor unions and private sector. This was featured in a documentary film. The area of interest was Retraining & Retrenchment

2005 - 2007

Executive Management Team member and Interim Manager of the Department of Internal Control at the Department of Work and Income of the Insular Government of Curacao

2005 - 2004

Manager in H & R Block Hallandale Florida United States of America

Present 2001 - 2005

Financial Administration Manager in Mr Cheese Inc. (an import/export company of Dutch products) in Miami Florida United States of America

1998 - 2001

Manager of Internal Affairs/ department controller at the Department of Vital Statistic and Registry (BSB&V)

1996 – 1998

Trainer and Facilitator of Steven R Covey: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle Centered Leadership within Proyekto Transformashon within the Central Department of Personnel and Human Resource of the Insular Government of Curacao

1981 – 1996

Speech Therapist (Logopedist/ Akoepedist) for Sedukal: the School Advisory board of the Island Government of Curacao and the: the School Advisory board of the Island Government of Bonaire.


Additional experience

Participation Conferences / Seminars/ Expertise exchange programs abroad

Internship at SoZaWe Rotterdam in September 2007

Internship at Dienst Werk en Inkomen Amsterdam in March 2009

Coördinator of Internships of colleages of DWI Curaçao in Holland

Good Governance courses cycles and seminars by several organizations: The Central Bank of the Netherlands Antilles

Integrity course cycles and Seminars by the Insular Government of Curacao

Human Resource seminars


Courses / Workshops/Certificates

Certificate Interpreting Financial Statements (2007-2008)

Certificate Corporate Tax administration ( Dec 2006)

Certificate Advanced Course on Good Governance (Nov 2006)

Certificate “Rechts bescherming van de Burger”(May 2006)

Certificate Public Notary, Florida USA (June 2005)

Certificate Public Controller of the European Institute of Certified Public Controllers in The Hague, Netherlands (April 2005)

Certificate Basic Tax preparation H & R Block (November 2004)

Certificate Facilitator of the Covey Leadership Center, Inc Utah, USA (1998)

Certificate Adult Education Trainer (March 1995 Nieveld)

Certificate Mass Communication Principles (1990)


Information Technology skills

Advanced Proficient in:

Microsoft Word Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Publisher Quick Books Pro

Lotus Notes

Intermediate Proficient in:

Microsoft Access Financial System Curacao (FSC/Enterprise)



Community Involvement:

Past President of the Association of Parents of students of the Peter Stuyvesant College

Scholar of Good Governance

Member of the Neighborhood Association of Bario Juan Hato

Lead Singer of a popular old school Rock and Funk band: Cross Town Traffic

Additional Skills

Presentator and Master of Ceremony at events in Dutch, English, Papiamentu, Spanish & Sranang Tongo

Training personnel in acquiring and learning computer application packages for Word processing (Microsoft Word), Power point, Publisher, Excel


Werk / Denkniveau: 
Full- of parttime: 
Work Experience July 2018: basic proficiency in analyzing basic documents such as passports and ID Cards given by the Dutch Marechaussee May 2018 - present: Training and mentoring Young Professionals at the Sector of Labor in a Changing World of Work using ILO principles and guidelines and working with students of the University of Curaçao. August 2016 -2018: Parttime Lecturer at the University of Curaçao topic: Workforce Planning June 2011– present Director of Labor within the Ministry of Social Development, Labor and Welfare in Curacao. 2007– June 2011 Executive Management Team member and Manager of the Department of Internal Control at the Department of Work and Income of the Insular Government of Curacao 2009 – June 2011 (in spare time) Advisory services in the areas of Micro & Small Business Development in conjunction with The Chamber of Commerce of Curacao Providing services in the area of Project Management and Implementation President of the association of parents of the largest Public Highschool of the Netherlands Antilles: Peter Stuyvesant College (1485 students)
Datum van beschikbaarheid: 
26 juni 2019