Ervaren sales en horeca : wil dolgraag werken in bonaire!

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Heb jaren op aruba gewerkt en ken bonaire goed en wil graag terug.....
Horeca / Toerisme / Recreatie
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Dennis Steen is known for his passion for Marketing and Sales, the alignment between Business & IT, Online Marketing, Sales (c-level), Technology, Strategy and Business Development. He has co-founded several successful international companies in marketing technology and has a fast experience in creating new business and managing sales teams. Dennis studied Advanced Information and Communication Studies HICO in Zwolle. Following this, he became partner of an agency in marketing and communications, which he left after three years in an effort to sail around the world in a 46 ft. catamaran. Two years later, he returned from New Zealand to The Netherlands to set up an internet consultancy company - Insite. Insite became one of the leading consultancy companies in the area of e-commerce and internet applications. Customers were leading companies in retail, finance, and telecommunication. 
 In 1999, Insite was acquired by Devote (a public listed ICT company). At Devote, Dennis became responsible for Sales & Marketing. In 2000, he was appointed to the Board of Directors as Chief Marketing Officer where he was responsible for the company strategy and analyst relations. In 2001 Devote was acquired by Ordina. Following a short period as Sales & Marketing Director at Ordina, he left the company to start Capital ID B.V., now a leading international supplier of Marketing Automation software to support and streamline brand management, marketing and operations, driving efficiency and effectiveness. Capital ID is recognized by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant as one of the leading companies in this space. In 2015 Dennis decided to accept challenging temporary / ad-interim jobs in the space of Mobile Solutions, Social Business and International Partner Strategy. More personal: Dennis is passionate about sailing and scuba diving. He lives in The Netherlands but enjoys traveling. Favorite quote for business: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working!” (Pablo Picasso)
Datum van beschikbaarheid: 
22 oktober 2016